Scanning iTunes Gift Cards

Recently, a friend asked me if I covered scanning itunes gift
cards in my book. I could only say, nope. Actually, it never occurred
to me. So we began digging a bit to see what we could find out about it.

Beginning with iOS 7.0, it is now possible to scan iTunes gift
cards with your device’s camera. This can be done from the itunes Store
app or the App Store app. Just select the Featured tab and there
will be a Redeem button. After pressing the Redeem button, you will
be prompted to log in with your Apple id. You will then find
a Use Camera button and also a text box where you can write in the
number the old-fashioned way.

Applevis has a podcast
that gives a great demonstration of the whole process. You can’t
use all iTunes gift cards. It has to be one with a black box
around the code number.

Sending Greeting Cards

In September 2013, Apple discontinued support for its Cards app.
This was very unfortunate because that app was very accessible and also
really terrific.

Recently, I tested more than a half dozen apps for sending greeting
cards or postcards. They were all ones that allowed the sender to include
a photo from the camera roll or the app provided an opportunity
to take a new picture. Then, somewhere the card was printed and mailed
to the designated recipient.

I tested Ink, Go Cards, PaperWoven, Cartolina, JustWink, and Card2You. By
far, the best one I tested was Touchnote. The app is fairly
accessible, with most buttons labeled and there is some description
of the card designs. My recipient said the printing was on high-quality
paper. It’s not quite up to Apple’s Cards app but it did get the job done.