iOS 7.1 Brought a Small Change to the Camera App for the iPhone 5s

iOS 7.1 has brought a small change to the default Camera app but
only for the iPhone 5s. An “auto” mode has been added to HDR. Instead
of just saying “Selected” when HDR is on, this control now reports its
state as “HDR On,” “HDR Off,” or “HDR Auto.” If HDR Auto is on, the
camera app will use HDR if it detects both bright lights and deep
shadows in the same picture.

When you double-tap the HDR control, a small menu will pop up that
will have three options: HDR Auto, HDR On, and HDR Off. Tapping one of
these and waiting a few seconds should select it. But I am
finding that Voiceover doesn’t always detect the menu and tapping
the desired option doesn’t always change it. Try it a few times,
eventually it will work.

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