Olloclip Now Has a Quick-Flip Case

For those who find it inconvenient to remove the iPhone’s case to
attach their Olloclip lens, now Olloclip has a case with a flip-out
corner. The corner of the case rotates back over the top of the phone
clearing the corner for attaching the lens. The hard plastic
case is one of those that grips the sides of the phone but is completely
open at the top and bottom.

A very cool thing about this case is that the part of the case
that flips away from the lens corner, rotates all the way to the other
side of the phone. It lands just right so that the edge of the
rotated piece can press directly on the volume up button. When the
phone is in landscape orientation, this piece becomes a shutter
button and is very convenient to press with your right index finger.

The case is available in models for the 5 and 5s and for the 4
and 4s. It comes with an adapter for the corresponding iPod. It also
comes with an accessory allowing the user to attach the case to a
tripod either horizontally or vertically.

The Olloclip website has more information about the
Olloclip Quick-Flip Case.

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