Sending Greeting Cards

In September 2013, Apple discontinued support for its Cards app.
This was very unfortunate because that app was very accessible and also
really terrific.

Recently, I tested more than a half dozen apps for sending greeting
cards or postcards. They were all ones that allowed the sender to include
a photo from the camera roll or the app provided an opportunity
to take a new picture. Then, somewhere the card was printed and mailed
to the designated recipient.

I tested Ink, Go Cards, PaperWoven, Cartolina, JustWink, and Card2You. By
far, the best one I tested was Touchnote. The app is fairly
accessible, with most buttons labeled and there is some description
of the card designs. My recipient said the printing was on high-quality
paper. It’s not quite up to Apple’s Cards app but it did get the job done.

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